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Handling live animals

Before you decide to dispatch of live animals please review the following informations: The EU countries are required: passport, chip, current health certificate. In addition pets must have the necessary vaccinations and meet the minimum age for shipment. Valuation of consignment is calculated based on the kennel size /chargable weight/: length x width x height in cm / 6000 (V = 1m cubic = 167kg). All cages must have the necessary approvals. We own kennels but their valuations need sizes of pet.



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We may provide you following services:
- Worldwide airfreight
- Worldwide seafreight
- Forwarding
- Removals
- Handling live animals
- Full domestic and international truck service

We offer you our professional team who may help you in all your transportation needs. Our aim is to arrange special transports which seem to be unarrangeable for others. Every place big or small, near or far is served frequently and speedly. We have certificate authorized by IATA, which permit us to handle dangerous goods. We handle animals, valuable and perishable cargo also. We can make individual adjustments and we always keep our promises! Our company is a high quality provider of international and domestic transportation services. With our worldwide agency offices and qualited personel we offer pick up, delivery and custom clearance anywhere in the world at competitive prices. The punctual delivery is part of our company culture. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service please contact us for rate quotations!

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